What is the Difference Between Free and Paid VPN? [Updated Guide]

When we get free goods, we don’t want perfection; rather, we just want to know whether they will suffice for our needs. The issue isn’t which stove is preferable if you’re deciding between a new one and the outdated one your neighbor is giving away, but rather, how often do you cook? Here we will breifly define the difference between free and paid VPN.

The same concept holds true with VPNs. With millions of users each day, it is obvious that free VPN services do certain things well. They also have problems, so you must learn to identify them and determine if they will obstruct your ability to do business online.

What are the distinctions between free and premium VPN services, and when is it better to pay for a VPN service rather than get one for free?

What Consequences and Issues Arise When Using a Free VPN?

The crucial question is: If businesses are profiting off my usage of a service for free, what do they know that I don’t? We’ll start with the unethical business practices of certain free VPN companies before moving on to the small inconveniences you may safely overlook while using a VPN occasionally.

They Follow you Online and Trade your Browsing or Personal Information.

A lot of free VPN services, like Betternet VPN, admit that they sell your session data to marketers and bombard you with adverts.

Your online privacy is damaged when other parties can access it and collect your data, which defeats one of the most crucial goals of utilizing a VPN.

Some free VPNs even hijack your browser and force you to visit partners’ websites without your will.

They Open Up Your Connection to Other Users.

A lot of free service providers, like Hola VPN, function as P2P networks, delivering and receiving data between customers’ devices. You are at immediate danger of malware and DNS assaults thanks to this configuration, but things grow worse.

Your idle bandwidth is really sold by Hola VPN on the world data market. That is how they earn their money, and it is quite risky.

They Provide Flimsy Security that is Simple to Exploit

As we previously said, maintaining a strong, secure network infrastructure is expensive unless you take shortcuts.

Many free VPNs, in contrast to commercial VPNs, have shoddy security protocols and insecure encryption that might behave maliciously. Your data is often susceptible to easy decoding by hackers and espionage organizations like the US NSA as a result of this inadequate security.

Ads Will Frequently Pause Your Web Surfing

One of the most popular methods for free VPN providers to make money from your use is by selling advertising. Even if the service provider doesn’t monitor your use or sell your data, the ongoing irritation of the adverts may make you regret attempting to cut down on your monthly spending a little bit.

Furthermore, it’s doubtful that any free VPN checks all of those advertising for malware and adware, so one careless click might result in serious consequences. Contrarily, the top-rated premium service CyberGhost guards you from risky websites with its integrated ad and virus blocker.

They’ll Make Your Internet Connection Slower

You will almost probably be quite disappointed if you’re seeking for a free VPN to watch movies, play games, or download torrents. The encryption process causes some performance loss while using any VPN, but with the best premium VPNs, you won’t even notice it.

With free services, the situation is different. Your online browsing will grind to a halt as a result of their limited networks, ongoing advertisements, or deliberate speed limiting.

Thankfully, sluggish speeds are merely a nuisance and pose no risk to your safety or privacy. A reliable free VPN and a little patience will go a long way if all you need to do is send a private email from a WiFi cafe.

They Provide Few Features in an Effort to Get you to Switch to a Paying Service.

Even if you are able to discover a free VPN that doesn’t log data and limits adverts, you’ll still still have to cope with service restrictions. But depending on your requirements, you may be able to put up with the limitations.

Free services are often provided by premium VPN providers that want to persuade you that purchasing a package is preferable. Therefore, even if the free VPN won’t endanger your devices or data, the provider will ensure that it doesn’t fully satisfy your demands.

For instance, the majority of free variations of expensive VPN services significantly restrict your use (sometimes to 500MB monthly) and network access (sometimes to a single, overworked server). Additionally, they won’t unblock BBC iPlayer or US Netflix.

However, service restrictions are more annoying than harmful, similar to speed difficulties. If you just sometimes browse, they may never disturb you at all.

See our in-depth guide on the dangers of using a “free” VPN for further advice from our experts on how it can wind up costing you in the long run.

We are thus forced to accept the truth that no free VPN provides an extensive, secure, high-quality service without restrictions. You may be surprised to learn, however, just how reasonably priced many premium VPN services are. There is just one remaining question.

What makes premium VPN Services so Unique and Worthwhile to Pay for?

They Provide Real Safety for Your Online Personal Info

Your session data ought to vanish when you disconnect from the internet, and a good VPN will make sure of that. Even while some of the best VPN services retain incomplete connection records, mainly for diagnostics, none of them ever monitor your behavior or disclose your data.

Your online behavior is really anonymous with our top-rated VPNs since they don’t store any records at all, as it should be.

Their Network Security is Excellent

Paid VPN services simply cannot afford security lapses since they depend on users to continue in business. The top VPN services support a number of tunneling protocols, including the very secure OpenVPN, and provide end-to-end, AES 256-bit encryption.

With extra features like split tunneling, double VPN, kill switches, and DNS and IPv6 leak prevention, some VPNs even go above and beyond basic security. Even if your connection to your VPN server suddenly drops, your data won’t be exposed.

There are No Bandwidth or Speed Restrictions

Top-tier VPN services include servers that are optimized for each of these tasks, so you can say goodbye to buffering and excruciatingly sluggish downloads.

Paid VPNs allow you unrestricted access to their complete server networks, which are often enormous and cover the whole planet, giving you access to more server locations. You will thus have access to more geographically limited services and websites.

Generally speaking: The more servers the faster the connection and the ability to unblock websites. Because they carefully maintain their networks, several of our top-rated VPNs astound us with how much they can do on very tiny networks.

They even function in China and even unblock Netflix.

Here is where the best VPNs really excel. Due to advanced VPN-detecting software, not even the majority of premium VPNs can consistently bypass China’s Great Firewall or Netflix bans.

Top premium VPNs can get you access to US Netflix and the BBC iPlayer without emptying your pocket, and they can even bypass strict censorship measures in infamous countries like China, Russia, and Turkey.

They Provide a Plethora of Additional Features to Enhance the Experience

With a premium VPN, you receive a lot of great benefits in addition to improved privacy, security, and global content access. For instance, many premium services let you use their program simultaneously on many devices with only one membership.

Others provide dedicated IPs, P2P servers, and virus and ad filters that are already built in. Many have fantastically user-friendly interfaces, while others offer very responsive customer service.


A free VPN is obviously a highly alluring concept. However, the attraction soon fades away when the actual cost of utilizing the service involves giving up your privacy, leaving your device vulnerable to cyberattacks, or having restricted access and bad connectivity.

A reliable premium VPN, on the other hand, offers you far superior security, performance, and a wide range of user-focused features.

It’s truly terrible that not even all premium VPN services can be relied upon to keep you secure or provide reliable, quick connections. To ensure that the claims made by the service are maintained, we continually test each major VPN on the market.

Play it wisely and take advantage of the free trials or money-back guarantees provided by premium providers if you’re momentarily in dire need of a free VPN. And what if we told you that the best VPNs are now offering huge discounts? Get the most recent discounts here.

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