5 Best VPNs for Windows in 2022 – Laptops and Desktop PCs

Owing to the global statistics, at least one billion people use the Windows operating system. We’re guessing you’re either using one or have used one in the past. It is one of the most efficient and reliable systems available. Yet, using the internet on Windows puts us at a greater risk. These risks arise from cyber criminals aiming to steal your personal data.

In addition to the aforementioned, businesses and organizations still impose geo-restrictions on accessing the internet, even though it is largely open access. This specific kind of restriction prevents you from accessing certain websites.

In order to access those websites and prevent cybercriminals from breaching your privacy, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the best possible solution. However, you must know which VPN would suit you best for your Windows Operating System. To help you out, we have included the 5 best VPNs for Windows devices in our list. 


The best all-rounder VPN for laptops and Desktop PCs operating with Windows is none other than NordVPN. Founded in 2012, it has amassed an amazing 5200+ servers across more than 59 nations worldwide. Amongst the numerous locations, South Korea, Israel, and Hong Kong are the major ones. Even in the most distant locations, it promises speeds of up to 14 Mbps. 

The security mechanism of NordVPN is what makes it ideal for a Windows operating laptop. It guarantees that there aren’t any DNS leaks at all. Compared to other VPNs, it contains a kill switch that cannot be turned off. It takes no risks at all with your online safety. Moreover, it also boasts of a security feature called CyberSec that shields you from malware, phishing attacks, and advertisements.

With the help of its SmartPlay DNS proxy, it also enables your Windows laptop to connect to geo-restricted areas. After subscribing to NordVPN, you may connect an unlimited number of devices. Due to its intuitive user interface, you need not be a technical expert in utilizing the VPN.

 NordVPN offers reasonable costs and provides savings if you choose longer terms. In case you are unhappy with their service, a refund can be requested during the first 30 days. You may do that thanks to their money-back promise. 


ExpressVPN comes as the best VPN for windows 10. It was founded in 2009, making it one of the first VPNs in the internet security sector. Having more than 3,000 servers spread over more than 94 different nations, you can be confident that your Windows device will have coverage. 

While most Virtual Private Networks require that their servers be physically located in a certain area, ExpressVPN is known for featuring virtual servers. It only allows five connections for each subscription, which would seem quite limited. However, purchasing a router might be beneficial if you actually want to connect more than five devices. Once you have a subscription, connecting to a router will allow you to connect an unlimited number of devices. 

The services offered by ExpressVPN are thought to be a little pricey. However, it is worth paying compared to what they offer in terms of speed, cybersecurity, privacy, etc. ExpressVPN gives you a thirty-day money-back guarantee if you are still hesitant. This allows you to requesta refund if you are unhappy with their services.


Despite being a relative newcomer to the market, Surfshark has a lot to offer regarding the quality of its services. Due to its zero-logs policy, Surfshark does not even record or monitor your data, much less sell it to any person or group for any purpose. 

After subscribing to Surfshark, you may connect an infinite number of devices. Once your Virtual Private Network membership has been activated, you are free to connect as many Windows devices as you own and any other device(s) you desire to be secured.

The Whitelist function is one of Surfshark’s less typical qualities, distinguishing it from the competition. It contains a Cleanweb function in addition to the previously mentioned features. This guarantees that your Windows device will be free of intrusive adverts, harmful malware, and phishing attempts while it is covered by the VPN.


High school students who only wanted to get over the school’s gaming regulations established HideMyAss in 2005. It was considered the best VPN for Windows 7 devices, offering nice enough features. Since its inception, it has developed into such a big private network that it just must be included in our list.

In terms of boosting the speed of your windows device, it competes well with every other virtual private network. A zero-logs policy is also in place to protect your privacy. 

After connecting your first device, you still have the window of connecting four more. The thirty-day money-back guarantee is the cherry on top; if you ask for a refund during the first thirty days of utilizing the VPN, you will get one.


Among other things, UltraVPN’s exceptional speeds make the second best VPN for Windows 10. Thanks to its zero-logs policy, kill switch, and other security, you can be confident that this VPN prioritizes your privacy and security.

It also offers a highly user-friendly user interface in addition to this. Because of this, you may use the program on your Windows device extremely effortlessly without needing to be a technology expert.

After connecting your first device to the VPN, you may only connect two additional devices. If you want to connect numerous more devices to the VPN, this is rather a tiny number. However, it makes up for what it lacks in simultaneous connections with reasonable costs.


A variety of VPN services available may, in principle, function nicely with your Windows device. Speed, security, privacy, and efficacy should be kept in mind while deciding which option to go with in the end. If you’re seeking the greatest virtual private network available, here are our top five recommendations.

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