NordVPN Review 2023 – A Complete Research

One of the most well-known names in the VPN world is none other than NordVPN. Endorsed by privacy experts, influencers, and YouTubers, NordVPN has truly gained the hype throughout these years.

According to the word out there, you can access streaming services, surf the web anonymously, and protect your privacy online using NordVPN.\

To find out if the ramble is true for every word, I decided to try the VPN on my own. What follows is a detailed review of NordVPN.

NordVPN – Some Boilerplate Stuff

NordVPN lets you change your IP address and encrypt your internet connection so you can surf the Internet anonymously without having to worry about who may be monitoring or spying on you.

You may use it to access streaming services or websites that may be restricted in your nation, in addition to assisting you in maintaining your online privacy.

This doesn’t imply you should use it to carry out criminal activities, however, since they remain unlawful whether or not a VPN is used.

NordVPN Works on:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • iOS and Android powered devices.

To possibly secure all of your linked devices, you may even connect them to your Wifi network. It is intended to safeguard your online privacy, assist in preventing data theft, and preserve your browser history secret.

When you’re on the go, it may also assist you with getting to popular online streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer, which are prohibited.

Let us now review the features provided by NordVPN.

NordVPN – Features

  1. Online Privacy: By connecting to its servers, NordVPN enables private and anonymous browsing while assisting you in avoiding advertising and trackers.
  2. Protection for six devices: Up to six separate Windows, Mac, Linux, or mobile devices may simultaneously utilize a single NordVPN membership. You may also link it to your router to safeguard all of your devices.
  3. Explosive speed: Enjoy unlimited bandwidth and connection speed ranging to 6730+ Mbps.
  4. A large number of servers: Regardless of where you are in the globe, NordVPN always guarantees a dependable, steady connection since it has over 5,143 servers spread over 60 different nations.
  5. Click once to connect: With NordVPN’s “one-click connection” function, you may quickly and easily connect to a server.
  6. Strong no-logs policy: Your surfing history is completely private since NordVPN never tracks, gathers, or discloses any of your personal data. The headquarters of NordVPN is in Panama, which is not a member of the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, or 14 Eyes monitoring coalitions.
  7. Personal IP address: With NordVPN, you may choose to have a static IP address, eliminating the need for pointless captchas and the risk of getting banned while visiting a website from a different region.
  8. Double VPN: Thanks to this special function, you may alter your IP twice, making it harder for snoopers to discover where you are.
  9. P2P sharing support: You may quickly and securely exchange private files thanks to NordVPN’s plethora of P2P servers worldwide.
  10. Kill switch: The kill switch on NordVPN prohibits your device from going online and revealing your true IP address if you ever lose your encrypted VPN connection.
  11. Anonymity: Through its Onion over VPN function, NordVPN enables you to combine the security advantages of VPN encryption with the secrecy of The Onion Router (TOR), enhancing the security of your identity. This may be something to consider further if you require additional protection. NordVPN has you covered whether you want to unblock restricted websites, access streaming services, or just want the assurance that no one is keeping an eye on you as you surf.

NordVPN Premium Review

After reading detailed blogs having reviews for NordVPN, I decided to give it a try. Having the window of the 30-day trial, I had no problem getting my money refund in case I didn’t like the VPN features.

Here’s what I found out.

Setting up NordVPN on my desktop and Realme 6 was quite simple.

I quickly connected to the fastest server using the “Quick Connect” option and verified that my IP had truly changed by Googling it.

Knowing that I was online safely and that my surfing habits and privacy were being guarded provided me comfort.

The first impression – It was pretty simple and easy to use.

What about its speed? What good is a VPN that slows your browsing speed?

Thankfully, after connecting to NordVPN’s servers, I didn’t see any slowdown in my Internet connection. In reality, after connecting to NordVPN, my download speed really increased.

Where are NordVPN’s Server Locations?

Leave your troubles aside if you want to connect to a certain location using NordVPN. With more than 5,100 servers present in various countries, you can appear online anywhere in the world.

For instance, if you’re outside of the United Kingdom and want to watch Netflix, you have to choose a UK server, and you may view all the shows on Netflix UK.

You may even choose certain cities. So, for instance, if you want to watch German sports, just choose a German server. Alternatively, if you reside outside of the USA and want to access BBC, you must choose a USA server.


Your files are encrypted by NordLocker before being stored on your PC, cloud, or both.

Nord gives you access to its file encryption tool with cloud synchronization once you buy the VPN membership. It instantly encrypts and safeguards any file you put into one of your “lockers” to ensure its privacy.

Even better, you can create a separate “locker” folder and provide others access to it, which is a terrific way to securely share data, particularly for business.

I didn’t think I would use NordLocker much, but after using it and seeing how user-friendly and straightforward it is, I am in love! Because I often go back and forth between my laptop and desktop for business, NordLocker allows me to begin writing an article on my desktop and complete it while maintaining the content’s confidentiality and security.


When you sign up with NordVPN, you also have a subscription to NordPass, a password management program that automatically remembers your credentials and enables cross-platform access to them.

You may access websites safely and anonymously across your devices when using NordVPN and NordPass together.

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