How To Use VPN With Discord?

The voice-messaging application, Discord is quite popular these days among online streaming players. It is much more secure and uses fewer system resources than other programs, including Skype and TeamSpeak. As of the year 2021, Discord had an average of over 130 million active monthly users. However, the app is prohibited in places like China and the UAE. For violating the app’s regulations, you can potentially get yourself blocked or unjustly banned from using the app.

Even so, you shouldn’t stop using Discord or any other chat service since you can simply get past these limitations by using discord on VPN or Virtual Private Network. With the help of a VPN, you may mask your real location and IP address by having your internet traffic routed via a secure VPN server, tricking Discord or the relevant authorities into letting you use the app. Even better, employing a VPN also encrypts your Discord activity, maintaining the confidentiality of your private discussions as it should be.

Here Are The Easy Step To Use VPN with Discord?

Would you want to start utilizing a VPN to access Discord? To effectively understand, follow our tutorial below.

  • Search for the best VPN service providers for Discord on the Internet and sign up with the one you prefer. To solely run Discord with VPN, we suggest using ExpressVPN or NordVPN.
  • Depending on how you access VPN for Discord, download and install the application on your computer or mobile device.
  • Start the VPN software.
  • Pick a server and connect to it. This server must be located in a nation where the government has not outlawed Discord.

You are now ready to use Discord! Simply use the Discord app to begin a conversation. Deleting and reinstalling the Discord app is compulsory if you are using a VPN to get around the Discord ban. You should be able to establish a new Discord account and resume using the app since the VPN masks your previous IP address.

The Best VPN for Discord

Having trouble moving beyond step one above and lacking time to investigate every last one of the numerous VPN suppliers on the market? Never worry, for we have done the research for you. Below are two VPN services that, in our experience, perform the best with Discord.


As one of the market’s most security-focused VPN services, NordVPN is ideal for masking your usage of Discord in nations where the programme is restricted or for enhancing the security of your voice and text communications on Discord. They employ the same AES 256-bit military-grade encryption used by government intelligence services all over the globe to safeguard your internet connection.

By using NordVPN’s Double VPN protection function, you may even decide to use this encryption layer twice. This doubles your security by passing your internet traffic via two different VPN servers. Although Discord’s text messaging would be mostly unaffected by this additional route, it can cause your audio conversations to lag. Be aware that this will have you with a slower internet connection.

NordVPN doesn’t record any of your online activities, so they are unaware of how you utilize their connection. Your online behaviour would remain private even if they were later required to give the police access to their data.

No external party has any kind of legal influence on NordVPN. The business is based in Panama, a jurisdiction without data retention regulations or agreements with other countries for the exchange of personal information. They are not required by law or due process to disclose any information about you to anybody.

The Kill Switch on NordVPN makes sure that no human mistake may unintentionally leave you unsecured on Discord, which is the best feature. When it detects that you have left the VPN network, this function may instantly terminate your Discord session, avoiding inadvertent disconnections from disclosing your online behaviour.


Due to its large server network and speed, ExpressVPN is our second suggestion. Owing to its speed-optimized servers and Lightway connection protocol, it has moreover been continuously hailed as the fastest VPN service available. This makes it ideal for playing demanding online games while on Discord with pals. Finding the best possible servers to unblock Discord shouldn’t be an issue, with 3,000 servers spread throughout 95 nations.

That does not imply that ExpressVPN is unsafe since they also provide excellent privacy protection. They utilize AES 256-bit military-grade encryption at the same high level as NordVPN, plus they add Perfect Forward Secrecy on top of that so that the encryption keys are continuously changing. Even if one is broken, the hacker can only access a tiny percentage of your online information.

Even though ExpressVPN is a bit more expensive than NordVPN, you can easily test out their service since they provide new users with a 30-day free trial. Their live chat customer care is available around-the-clock and is delighted to assist you if you have any technical issues while using Discord with the VPN.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Secure are my Chats on Discord?

Discord text chat is not secured by the very same encryption as voice chat, which is completely encrypted from beginning to finish. Public WIFI networks pose an even larger danger since they are more frequently targeted by thieves looking to steal your private information. Your private messages might be accessed by these hackers if a webpage on the network you’re utilizing is able to intercept them. Your personal information, including your Internet address and device ID, is also logged by Discord. You might conceal your real IP address by using a VPN to impersonate your IP address.

Accessing Discord at College?

Discord may be on your college’s network blacklist if you’re experiencing problems using it on your institution’s network. However, you can always use Discord with a VPN at college. Sign up for a VPN service, install the VPN software on your device, and use it to unblock the Discord app.

Can I Reach a Server that has Blocked me Using a VPN?

Utilizing a VPN would not be effective if you have been barred from a certain Discord server. To rejoin the server, you would also need to register a new Discord account with a brand-new email address and modify your IP address using a VPN. Even though this is against Discord’s rules, we recognize that sometimes bans may be unjustified or that people just want to rejoin the community after having their initial ban removed because they learnt their lesson.

Why Can’t I use a VPN to Access Discord?

After connecting to a VPN, if you still cannot access Discord, the VPN server you chose may have been blocked by Discord. This often occurs when one VPN user who is using Discord receives an IP ban is also using a VPN, which causes Discord to block the whole VPN server. Just use a new VPN server on the network to fix the problem.

Bottom Line

We have tried to jot down every key aspect that would help you access discord on VPN. If we missed some point, post it in your comments below. Also, share with us your experience of using Discord.

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