IPVanish Review 2023 – A Complete Research

IPVanish comes off as a VPN with several features and an easy interface. You may use it to watch Netflix or YouTube or to boost your online security and privacy at a reasonably priced. Here we’ll briefly discuss IPVanish review as per research.

This VPN, based in the US, unblocks Netflix, supports a number of torrent clients, and provides quite fast connections using the WireGuard tunneling technique.

To further tempt you, IPVanish is able to provide you with a variety of services, some of which are exclusive to this VPN. With the On Demand functionality, for instance, you may configure your VPN connection to function on your favourite wifi network or application. Additionally, if you like torrenting, the SOCKS5 proxy is provided and will come in useful.

But wait a moment before donning your pink spectacles. This VPN company has drawbacks just as every other one does. For instance, using applications may often be rather awkward.

If you’re willing to fork up a few cash for the service, there are plenty of things to learn. Read on to learn more about IPVanish review and what to anticipate from it.

Streaming Quality

While it can unblock some of the most popular streaming services, like Netflix or YouTube, it may have trouble with others, including Disney Plus and DAZN.

There are no dedicated streaming servers at IPVanish. The same ones you use for everything else will be used here. As a result, it may get extremely annoying if you can’t get around certain really significant streaming websites.

We advise you to try other industry leaders with streaming-friendly servers, such as NordVPN or Surfshark. Because of their specialized servers and cutting-edge technologies, these providers provide a seamless streaming experience. You may safely view a variety of material with these services.

Overall, IPVanish wouldn’t be the ideal choice if you like binge-watching TV shows. On our list of the top VPNs for streaming, you could discover the ideal answer to this problem.


Whether you need SugarSync will be your biggest concern when selecting an IPVanish review and price package. You have the option of purchasing their encrypted storage together with a package or just the VPN.

No of how you divide the money, you will be promptly charged for the whole amount up front. However, when seen in context, their monthly pricing aren’t too expensive. It’s a really decent bargain given the variety of features you receive.

1-month plan$11.99/month
1-year plan$3.99/month
2-year plan2-year plan

The yearly plans are the only ones that qualify for their 30-day money-back promise. Don’t choose a monthly option if you want an IPVanish free trial since you won’t be eligible for a refund. All services allow for an unlimited number of simultaneous connections, giving you complete control over how many devices you may connect to the VPN with.

Although it’s not the most crucial feature of a VPN service, the number of servers offers advantages. A large fleet enables them to avoid server traffic jams. It implies that if the user base is equally distributed throughout the world, your speeds will suffer less.

Regarding this, IPVanish has over 2000 servers spread across 50 locations. The nation quantity is thus above average even if the fleet isn’t the largest. Additionally, the fact that the business owns all of these servers enhances security.

Interface and Ease of Use

The IPVanish VPN applications are well-designed and quite simple to use. Nevertheless, expert users will find them more useful due to the variety of functions, sophisticated settings, and comprehensive connection metrics. Users of Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS will be able to access specific programs, however Linux users will have to utilize the Command Line Interface.

Let’s say you already utilize cybersecurity products often. In such case, you ought to have observed that iOS applications often outperform Android apps. Apps from IPVanish are not an exception to this restriction. The iOS version pales in comparison to their Android counterpart.


A robust VPN with many features, IPVanish can meet the majority of your demands. Below we have listed the important ones for your benefit.


You may purchase encrypted storage in addition to your IPVanish subscription for a nominal cost. It functions similarly to Google Drive or Dropbox, with the added benefit that it is AES-256 encrypted. Therefore, the protection of your uploaded data is of the same caliber as that of your VPN connection.

You can save up to 500 GB with SugarSync. The ability to allow upload through email is the main selling factor. You may forward emails with attachments to a specific email address when you activate this option. The cloud will begin instantly storing the connected files. If you use a secure email service with little inbox storage, this is practical and fixes certain issues.

Split Tunneling

Split tunneling offers customers of IPVanish far more control over their VPN configuration. You may choose applications with this capability that can connect to the Internet without using a VPN connection. This indicates that they won’t use an intermediary and instead connect to your actual IP address directly.

For local versions of the programs you use, split tunneling makes sense. So, as opposed to a chain that is based on another continent, you may get food from a nearby merchant. Netflix will also benefit greatly from it.

The possibility that security alarms may be raised by your banking application can be reduced thanks to this functionality. These applications are especially alert to foreign IPs entering the website since it is often a clue that fraudsters have obtained someone’s data. All of these issues will be solved by split tunneling. Sadly, it’s only accessible to Android users.

Proxy SOCKS5

A free SOCKS5 proxy is included with each IPVanish subscription. Your IP address is removed since the intermediate server is not encrypted. Because of this, it’s well-liked by torrenters who wish to download anonymously. It is simple to set up several torrent clients to utilize the SOCKS5 proxy and conceal your true IP address.

It’s important to note that the sole advantage is that the IP address is concealed. Your data is not encrypted by SOCKS. Your internet activity will be visible to a nosy ISP. It only reduces the possibility that your IP address may appear on a dubious list.

The terms of service of IPVanish do not prohibit the use of SOCKS5 for scraping for more technically competent customers. It implies that using IPVanish should be risk-free if you wish to scrape websites for data. Don’t interpret our lack of testing of this service in this way as a recommendation.


Like the majority of suppliers of consumer-grade VPN services, IPVanish employs 256-bit AES encryption. This standard, which was formerly known as Rijndael, is regarded as one of the safest ways to encrypt data. It is frequently used in government and financial organizations as a result. Simply said, hackers cannot use brute force against it.

Your login information is transformed into hashes as part of the account authentication process using SHA-512 hash algorithms. Each hash is 512 bits in size due to the SHA-512 algorithm, making it a lot to process. Your data is secure since it would take an unreasonable amount of time to replicate such a hash.

They also enable complete forward secrecy in their authentication procedures, which means that a part of their encryption scheme is dynamic. This indicates that the encryption keys they were using only an hour ago and those they are using now vary somewhat. You may feel more certain that your data will be protected in the event of a data breach as a result.

Kill Button

A basic kill switch is included in IPVanish, which will cut off your internet access if the connection to a VPN server is lost. There are more customizing choices available for it, however.

In order to disconnect the device from the local network devices, it is also possible to restrict LAN access. If you’re careful about who else could be connecting to a public wireless, this might be important. In the other direction, you may configure it such that while you’re connected to the VPN, all other local network interfaces are blocked. This might assist you in avoiding data leakage when downloading torrent files.

In our testing, closing the app broke the OpenVPN connection but not the IKEv2 connection to the VPN server. You will thus continue to be connected to IKEv2 even if you unintentionally shut the program, but not to OpenVPN.

The kill switch activated when the OpenVPN process was stopped. The program also made a background connection attempt. The only problem was that there was no indication of what was happening.

Therefore, the kill switch performs as promised. The kill switch will protect you if you’re working on anything important and the connection drops.


IPVanish is it free?

No, there isn’t a free version of IPVanish. Even their 30-day free trials have no return policy. This means that the only method to test the service is to purchase a yearlong package and then request a refund.

What number of devices does IPVanish permit?

Unlimited simultaneous connections are available with IPVanish. It used to just offer 10 a while back.

Which is superior, NordVPN or IPVanish?

Over time, NordVPN may prove to be a more cost-effective choice that is also more feature-rich and generally safer. Find out more in our comparison of IPVanish and NordVPN.

Is IPVanish a suitable streaming option?

Yes, IPVanish does unblock Netflix, Youtube, and BBC iPlayer even though it has trouble with certain well-known streaming sites and fails to get around geoblocks. If you want to look into other options, you can check out the top VPNs for streaming that we’ve chosen for you.

Does Netflix support IPVanish?

Yes, IPVanish is compatible with Netflix and a good choice for getting around Netflix’s geoblocks. We tested it out and had no disruptions while accessing unique content from 30 Netflix libraries. High-quality encryption and lightning-quick speeds are further benefits of IPVanish.

Is IPVanish secure against hackers?

Yes, IPVanish is a fantastic defense against hackers. If you’re still unsure about IPVanish’s security, check out its top-notch safety and security features. It protects your data from hackers and online threats, has stringent no-logs guidelines, and uses high encryption standards.


Middle-of-the-road VPN provider IPVanish provides the majority of the features you’d anticipate from a VPN. This service provider offers all the required capabilities, including a working kill switch and a wide range of servers to connect to. Additionally, it unblocks Netflix, supports P2P, and has a very low pricing for the first year. There are no notable IP or DNS leaks.

However, if complete anonymity is what you’re want, it may not be the best option given their corporate location. Even as a strictly entertainment choice, it struggles to unblock several streaming sites. With the new WireGuard speeds, you’ll be streaming high-definition material in no time, however, if you primarily watch Netflix or YouTube. IPVanish is a great VPN if you’re looking for a quick and inexpensive choice for Netflix and torrenting.

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